Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Private Lessons

Private lessons are an expensive, yet the most effective way to learn. Private lessons offer a learning pace that is tuned to you in particular, which usually means an accelerated learning pace over group classes. The more skilled you are, the truer this becomes.
Private lessons are good for working intensively on details in areas that aren't fixable in a group class, since you receive feedback on a moment-to-moment basis.
Lesson plans are carefully designed for students to develop technically and musically to their fullest potential. To balance student's musicality and technical facility, some lessons are dedicated mainly to intensive technical training, while some lessons emphasize on phrasing and interpretation. Each student receives a personalized lesson based on his own progress on either a specific area that needs to be addresses at the moment or music knowledge as a whole.

Semi Private / Small Group class

Semi-private / Small group lesson with 3-5 students to teacher ratio offers the hands-on attention required to get the right start. These classes have some advantages of their own, besides the lower cost:

- Group lessons are considerably less intimidating and less exhausting for people, who don't like the constant, nonstop spotlight of the instructor's attention. Group lessons place small pressure on student at class. The students learn guzheng as an amateur interest and they don't care the slow progress. So, they can enjoy the leisure.

- In group classes, you get a sense of the pace at which other people learn, which is reassuring enough that it helps most people learn faster. On the other hand group lessons help the students to build up the spirit of team work. Not every one has the same sense on music. Some may learn faster, while some slower. So, they need to help each other to catch on the schedule as a whole.

- The early phase of learning to play guzheng simply requires lots of repetitions (in a context of clever and instructive progressions), to let the fingers acquire an automatic feel for the fundamentals. Doing simple stuff over and over is the very best way to master certain aspects at the beginning. While doing simple repetitions, some people would prefer to use their money more wisely over private lessons .